Margaret The Tree Nymph!

Margaret Nolan posing in the forest leaning against a tree! I’ve not seen this shot before and it originally got posted over on a Tumblr blog dedicated to Margaret, which seems to reblog a lot of my Margaret Nolan stuff! I’d say looking at this pose and MN’s age this may have been originally taken by Harrsion Marks as I’ve seen similar Tree shots by him before!
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  1. Margaret, so cute and lovely, as always. I like the untanned colour of her skin. Wisely she has not overexposed her skin to the sun´s UV-radiation! Thank heaven for Margaret!

  2. the magnificent Maggs – her breasts do seem to change size from time to time (probably for obvious reasons)<br /><br /> not complaining though<br /><br />I wonder if she ever did a &#39;greased up in the alley&#39; set – that would be something to see! (OK, in fact anybody &#39;greased up in the alley&#39; is OK by me)<br /><br /> roop

  3. well, at least we&#39;re calling it an alley and not a back passage . . .<br /><br /> ;)<br /><br /> roop


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