Cover Girl Featuring Erica (Video)

I thought I’d try and do a video for a change and found this little beauty over on VEF with several other gems!
This is ‘Cover Girl’ (Film No.102) from 1960 featuring Erica in her only 8mm film appearance for Harrison Marks. It’s missing the opening credits, but is complete apart from that and is very good quality considering it’s age, but no sound on this one as I haven’t had time to add any. I’ll leave you to add your own sound effects! What else to say about this film other than letting you watch it? Well not only does it feature Erica and her fantastic body in all it’s glory, but also features Pamela Green, the man himself Harrison Marks and a brief appearance of Jean Spaul. You also get a look behind the scenes at the Gerrard Street studio and last but not least Erica oiled up! Enjoy!


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  1. great find! one of my favourite models and being oiled up as well! I bet the chaps had to fight with Pamela for the laborious job of oiling erica up!<br /><br /> roop

  2. This is great! And an extremely good quality conversion! Might it have been taken from a 16mm original? I do like the scene of Pamela rubbing oil into Erica&#39;s tits. George is looking quite young in this film as compared with the ones he did with June Palmer. Perhaps being surrounded by those beauties is ageing. And we saw his cats as well. I do like to see a nice bit of pussy.

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