Paula Page – In The Valley of Shadows! (Updated)

A shot of Paula Page on the Loft set by Harrison Marks, highlighting her fabulous figure and huge tits with the clever use of light and shadow. Her boobs were so big they cast rather a big shadow 🙂

Update: I’ve replace the original image that was a scan from ‘Just Paula Page’ to include an original scan from the negative sent to me by Kevin.
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  1. she&#39;s terrific, puts all others to shame<br /><br /> roop

  2. Always be nice to Paula: if she were to whack you round the head with one of those, you&#39;d be dizzy for days.<br /><br /><br />David

  3. She had awful legs though

  4. David – are you saying thats a bad thing?<br /><br /> ;)<br /><br /> roop

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