Hanna’s Follies! (1970’s)

The start of a small set of Hanna Viek from the 1970’s posing on a bed in open baby doll and giving us a great view of her magnificent tits and a hint of pussy in the middle shot.  I know she went on to show a lot more in typical 1970’s spread shots and some hardcore shoots, but I much prefer these earlier type of glamour shots, as they leave more to your imagination!

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  1. Nice face and figure she had …lovely stretch marks – I have managed to grab a couple more of her not hardcore but semi hard / lesbo also another similar model you don’t post as more American is Janice Ormes / Orames they both have that European face with high cheek bones and nice knockers – nice scans too W.

    • Thanks Kevin I’ve only got 3 more from this set then that’s it for good quality shots of Hanna. I did have some Janice Ormes somewhere but not that good quality, so may have to grab a few from you as well as the Hanna ones 😉


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