Caron Gardiner – All Oiled & Ready to Go! (Original)

Or should that be – Apply liberally and rub as required 🙂
A great side profile shot of a nude and oiled Caron Gardiner from an original print from Girlymag.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

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  1. couldn’t let an oiled up picture pass by without comment, all we need now is Angela Duncan greased and ready to go . . .

    that’s a request by the way


    • Ah Roop I like you’r thinking with Angela Oiled! I’m sure there must be some of her magnificent body oiled up, as I’m sure one of the photographers must have looked at her and thought of it? I haven’t seen any, as I think I’d remember 🙂
      For some reason I’ve now got a Roberta Pedon image in my head where she’s in the bath all cover in soap! Must got find that image and remind myself 🙂


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