Margaret Nolan – Naughty Tree Nymph! (Original)

Another stunning shot from this set of Tree Nymph, Margaret Nolan by Harrison Marks. The pose and shape of Margaret’s body, along with those great looking tits do it for me and unlike the other shots nothing is left to the imagination in this one! We see a lot more of an uncensored Margaret down below,  it looks an odd shape but I assume that’s a trick of the light.

Another excellent, quality image to enjoy and thanks to Andy for sending it over!

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  1. Actually at this time this goddess went under the name of Miss Vicky Kennedy. She later changed Her name in order to assist in getting more film work, including several appearances in the Carry On films, and a big role in ‘No Sex Please We’re British’ with the incredible Miss Valerie Leon, another bosomy goddess!

  2. She is remarkable, just what you’d hope to come across in a woodland walk . . .


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