Pamela Green – Back Alley Beauty (1973)

A stunning view of Pamela Green by Douglas Webb in 1973 posing naked in someones back alley! In 1973 Pam would have been at the ripe old age of 44 and was still looking extremely good with her body looks little different to her younger modelling days! Although later in life without the pressure of modelling and censorship, she did let things grow naturally down below.

Thanks to Simon for this rare view of an older Pam, always appreciated.

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  1. she’s probably popped out to tidy up that bit of brickwork

  2. This is from a set that I bought directly from Pamela a few years ago.The setting was the location shoot in Norfolk for the film”The Go-Between”,in which Douglas Webb was involved.Forever”The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”.

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