The Very Exotic Sylvia Bayo!

Sylvia Bayo on the cover of the ‘Super Blackbird Special’ Exotic No.7 published by Pennine Magazines and distributed by David Gold. I’m a big fan of Sylvia as regulars know and been after a copy of this magazine for a while, so a big thanks to Ray for sending me a copy. And the magazine doesn’t disappoint with over 30 images of the lovely Sylvia stripping down to just her white panties and stockings, although she could have gone a bit further if I’m honest! 

A bit politically incorrect today by giving it a sub-heading ‘Blackbird Special’, but hey that is what she is a very special black bird or ebony babe, which ever you wish to use. There are also 6 images of Gerry Brown and one of Sue Bond at the end, so a mixture of black and white in the end 🙂

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  1. The beauteous Sylvia was also wearing that same collar, I think, in the Parade cover a few posts ago.

    Do we call it a collar? What is the official word for such an accessory; a neck band?

    • She’s also wearing it in the Nylon flash shot as well, which looks to have been taken at the same time I think? I wonder if it was her collar then as she seems to have worn it across several shoots?


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