A Tudor Looking Ann Austin

Ann Austin as Jean Tudor from the restored colour centre pages of Follies Magazine. I have no idea why she is named Jean Tudor in this article other than the Americans thought it was very English to use the Tudor name? Regardless of the name Ann looks stunning in long open negligee!

Thanks to Paul from Firebird Records for this great shot of Ann.

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  1. Very nice composition . HenryVIII would have appreciated…

  2. If Ann Austin had been Henry’s first wife, I doubt he would ever have sought a second.

  3. Stunning photo of this lady!

  4. She is remarkable, but I wonder if the picture has been ‘enhanced’. The line under her right breast seems exagerated when compared to the line leading down to her waist and her right (and left) nipples seem to have disappeared as well! (or are they just very very pale)

    Not a complaint of course . . .

    • Roop, this was a double page spread, so I’ve stitched it together and removed the centre line and staples, but that’s it. On the original the lines are the same and look OK and no nipples, so obviously removed for some reason.

      • Whatever touching up may have been done to the original pic, that’s as nothing now compared to what is routinely done now to all advertisement models, and promo pics for any celebrities. The amount of picture editing is just insane, not just for the complexion, but the entire body shape, and facial features.

        That’s why the celebrity-spy type magazines are so successful, because what the celebs really look like, especially when caught off guard, is in stark OMG contrast to official pics.

        It’s hard to tell anymore, what is real and what is not.

  5. Funny you should mention that Roop, I started to write a comment on much the same thing, but thought it must be my eyes playing up. So decided not to post it.

    In other photo’s of Ann she seems to have quite small pale nipples. In my view in this photo they seem to have disappeared altogether. I wonder if the censor has been at work here with his airbrush (did they have airbrushes in those days?) or equivalent.

    In fact her boobs look a little odd, there is a light tan bikini line. In the very early days of glamour publications – and some “smutty” paperback book covers – there seemed to be a denial that women actually had nipples in much the same way later censors refused to allow other bits to show.

    I can vividly remember a paperback cover in a second hand bookshop window (I don’t remember the title) that featured an extremely busty girl that was not a photo but a painting with the girls naked bust thrust dramatically forward, but completely smooth totally lacking nipples. I would have been in my very early teens (late 1950’s) and very “repressed” with an all male family, I can remember this (American) book cover coloured my judgement of female anatomy for some time afterwards.


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