Vicky Ashley & Friend – Bathing Beauties

A short haired Vicky Ashley and unknown friend taking a quick nude dip in the pool! Taken by Leslie Bainbridge of Girl Illustrated and H&E fame I’m sure this shot must have appeared in either but not sure? Anyone know the other model on the right, she looks familiar but not ringing any bells?

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  1. Any idea when the pic was taken, or published?

    Ditto for Girl Illustrated as a whole; any idea what period the run covered?


    • Sorry No idea when it was taken or published, but at a guess I’d say late 60’s based on Vicky’s appearance. Girl illustrated ran from 1966 through until 1977, with 126 editions across 9 volumes and I have actual dates, numbers and volumes if needed 🙂 H&E it’s sister magazine ran from 1934 until 1997 and out lived GI


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