Terry Peters – Half Way Up! (Original)

Terry Peters by Harrison Marks posing half way up the stairs at Ewhurst Manor. This is from the original negative, but the shot is too good to have not been published in either Kamera or Solo, so it must be in one of my missing editions. Another uncensored view of Terry’s fabulous figure, but a nasty bruise on her thigh!

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  1. Terry is worthy of comment here – great body, very flatteringly shot, she doesn’t always look this good

    • I agree Roop she looked much better during her early years posing for GHM. I have later shots of her and she doesn’t come across as attractive. A bit like Annette Johnson, both should have given up modelling long before they actually did!

  2. Lovely tits- up there with the best on the KC site. Nice smooth figure too.


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