Terry Peters – Half Way Up! (Original)

Terry Peters by Harrison Marks posing half way up the stairs at Ewhurst Manor. This is from the original negative, but the shot is too good to have not been published in either Kamera or Solo, so it must be in one of my missing editions. Another uncensored view of Terry’s fabulous figure, but a nasty bruise on her thigh!

Lorraine Burnett – Elegant Descent (Original)

A very elegant shot of Lorraine Burnett as she descends down the stairs in open negligee showing off her black stockings and knickers and exposed ample bosom. I love the stair runner you can just see in the shot, very popular in the 60’s and making a comeback today I believe. I think I’d prefer someone looking like Lorraine on my stairs rather than a runner though ūüôā

Gloria’s Come to Bed Eyes!

The beautiful Gloria Lomax posing nude on the stairs at Ewhurst Manor for Harrison Marks, taken from an original medium format colour negative. A simple but effective shot and who could resist that look! I think the mask on the wall beside Gloria has it’s tongue out, but who wouldn’t with a naked woman like Gloria next to you!


Note: This is image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

June Palmer & The Spiral Stairway To Heaven

A different view of June taken on a spiral stairway in a leotard by Ed Alexander in 1966. This shot appeared in the Whitestone publication No.72 ‘English Glamour Models Photographed by Ed Alexander’ and was the only appearance of June in this publication. ¬†Interestingly I’ve seen many other shots of June in this leotard posing on a car that seem to be taken at the same time, so maybe we can now attribute them to Ed Alexander?