A Brightly Lit Bridget! (Original)

Bridget Leonard by Harrison Marks on the bedroom set from a restored colour slide. Another one of the later colour slides that had some colour that seems to have survived, although when trying to recover the colours it did come out rather bright!

Bridget is one of those models I’ve published very little of, not for any reason other than I don’t have much of her, other than a copy of her Solo appearance in Solo No.25 (1962). Several similar shots to this slide also appear in Solo. Thanks to Kevin for sending over this scan of the slide 🙂

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  1. doesn’t look too overbright i have a dell 2410 older monitor very good sharp screen – blacks are fantastic but the whites i lose the last 2 when i check here on white saturation page http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/gamma_calibration.php


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