A Titillating Lorraine (Original)

I love this different shot of Lorraine Burnett posing in the kitchen, as not only is it a good shot of her, but there is so much else going on in the shot! I love the contrast of the black suspender belt, bra and stockings against the white panties in the shot, plus the way she pulled her bra down to allow one tit to just pop out. She could easily have just been doing the washing up and turned round and popped a cheeky one out for the camera. Although I don’t know many that doing the washing up dressed like that, but I’d definitely allow it πŸ™‚

So who remembers Tide then and is it still around? Love the box on the windowsill in the background and the Belling oven. Thanks to Kevin for sending over this different shot of Lorraine πŸ™‚

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  1. Thank you for the picture, which has brightened up laundry day considerably. And yes, Tide is still around (at least it is in the US), and I should know as I’m using it at this very moment!

  2. Yes a very different shot with lots of external interest which makes a change. I wonder very much when the shot was taken. Before the popular advent of tights (about 1965 in Britain) most women wore stockings and suspender belts as everyday wear and the pants were automatically put on over the suspenders so that calls of nature were more easily answered. Girls posing in suspenders some years after this were obviously not used to them and so it would not seem strange to pose wearing them as in the picture here. But Lorraine was definitely around in the pre-tights era!

  3. A wonderful (and new to me) photo of one of my favourite models. Ah, Tide! I remember it well.

  4. Minkstoat is right about the suspender belt and the panties, something else I had forgotten. Tide, disconcertingly, reminds me of my mother and Washing Day.


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