Toni Rees – Flawed Perfection (Original)

Toni Rees from another original silver gelatin photo sent over by Girlymag. I love Toni or more precisely her body with all it’s fabulous bumps and curves and it’s not seen as perfect, but I love it and do like a woman you can get hold of and not feel like she will break! Flawed perfection you might say 🙂

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  1. Uhmm!! yes, fabulous figure. Is that a hint of mummy-tummy perhaps, some of the others in the link look as if there might of been a modicum of re-touching in that area.

    Could that mean Toni may not have led the pure and monastic lifestyle we expect from glamour models of the 60’s.

    • I wonder if any of them actually led a pure and monastic lifestyle if honest Driver, although I’m sure we all put them up on that pedestal now back then I bet most were not as saintly 😉

  2. Nothing flawed about Toni, she’s one of my favourites. Originally from Australia I think.

  3. It’s just that ordinariness that makes her seem real, and available. Lovely.

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