Alicen’s Topless View! (Original)

A scan of an original negative of Alicen Warden (Robin) on location down in Cornwall in May 1966. Alicen only ever posed for Harrison Marks for one week in May 1966, but as far as I’m aware this colour shot of her has never been published.

What is it about redheads that posed for GHM and that they all seem to have small perky ones? Dawn Grayson, Ann Wilson and Alicen all had small tits, not that I’m complaining. Anyone think of a redheaded model with bigger ones 🙂

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  1. Pat Davis? Jennifer Garland? Both pretty well proportioned

  2. Moving away from GHM, I would also speculate (and you anyway never know a woman’s true hair colour) I’ve seen pics of Roberta Pedon where she looks like she has a bit of red in her. The bush suggests not, but not conclusive either.

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