Dawn Grayson – Desktop Delight (Original)

Over the last few months I’ve been slowly scanning and cataloging my collection of original contact sheets and to date I have over 1,100 sheets featuring 13,000 images of 176 different models. Some of the models and photographers are named, others have have different names but I recognize as popular models and others are just blank.

This set of contacts had no details, but I can safely say I instantly recognised the model sat on that desktop as none other than Dawn Grayson. It’s only a small set and one I would have probably overlooked had I not seen Dawn. Not the best quality in terms of shots, but I do love the way she is posing on that desk with the phone and typewriter. What is slightly more interesting is that I don’t know who the photographer is, but he seems to have managed to get Dawn to pose in a slightly more open way. Nearly all shots I have of Dawn even by Harrison Marks  are tastefully done or if uncensored don’t really expose much, but these shots or the way she poses show off more of her shaven pussy than normally seen. Even the shots like the one above with her in sheer panties show more than normal, but I’m more than happy to see them 🙂

Dawn looks as stunning as ever on that desktop and I’ll post a few more of the revealing shots anon!



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  1. A stunning looking lady and pose, gorgeous!

  2. I wonder if she was posing for a club or private photographer near the end of her modelling career.

    Unusually for her she seems to be ‘pouting’ more than in other shots where she tended to smile if looking directly at the camera, and also if she was ‘obliged’ to pose like this in order to keep the bookings coming in. The set up looks amateurish and not up to the standard in her other (earlier?) work.

    None of which detracts in any way from enjoyment another lovely view of Dawn.


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