Perfectly Presented Pat! (Original)

A perfectly highlighted view of the body of Pat Davis in the shadows! The big puffy tits are easily recognizable as Pat’s from other shots, as is the figure, but a different view taken by Harrison Marks 🙂

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  1. I’d not really noticed what a monster she was – terrific!

  2. What a fabulous image.

  3. She would have been a natural to play the lead role in the Story of O. In the S&M classic novel, O is described as having heavy breasts and a narrow waist, accentuated by a tight corset an old lesbian makes her wear to make her more attractive (to men and women). The actress actually cast in the role, Corinne Clery was a small-breasted girl who was nothing like the O described in the book. It spoilt an otherwise excellent film.


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