A Wet & Wonderful Hazel! (Original)

A wet and wonderful view of Hazel Bradshaw by either Leslie Bainbridge or potentially Murray Wren. Hazel is one of a number of models that posed for and appeared in the pages of H&E, although I have no actual references to magazine numbers in which she appeared. Murray Wren edited H&E for much of the 1970’s and contributed photographs for many years more, as well as being a friend of Leslie Bainbridge.

So where I’ve originally credited photo’s to Bainbridge they could well be by Wren instead, as the styles and locations are the same, so who knows! I also have over 200 different shots of Hazel from original contact sheets and prints in various locations both indoors and out. This shot seems to be on the sea edge as she kneels on some rocks showing off her naked body and perky nipples and like most Bainbridge/Wren models was completely shaven down below 🙂

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  1. She looks very COLD!

  2. Hazel appeared quite frequently in H &E and its sister publications. She always looks very natural and not over made up, in fact if she were not always shaven she would pass for a regular sun club member rather than a model. There are also some nice shots of her at Eureka where L. Bainbridge has artfully positioned her full frontal on a stile (one of his favourite props there) to show off her depilated figure to best advantage. LB insisted that his models were immaculately shaven, but this was not for ease of retouching as this sort of censorship had effectively gone by 1968. Rather, he believed depilation enhanced the nude female form and made it more revealing. While aspiring models could be prevailed upon to comply, he always found it difficult to get pretty female sun club members to consider posing for H & E, And fewer still would be prepared to remove their pubic hair.

  3. Love the way she is posed, with her breasts hanging nude and free, nipples nice and hard. Very provocative!

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