An Unknown Front & Rear View! (Original)


Another mystery model from the 1960’s, this time sent by member Graham who is trying to identify the model in these two shots. Difficult to see her face in them, but a great front and rear view of this model with perky little tits and nice full bush. Graham says they came in an envelope marked 1962 that contained prints and some negatives and he’ll try and find a better face shot, but still some great shots and fabulous figure 🙂

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  1. The hair and body remind me of Elizabeth Denner, but Elizabeth had bigger boobs, and was posing in the mid 1950s.

    I’d need a better view of the face to have any chance, and kudos to anyone who can ‘name that girl’ based on these pics.

  2. It definitely is not Elizabeth, but if you want to see her look, then contact me at

    She wasn’t a Marks or Sparks model that I know of, which is probably why she is not on this site, but she was a prolific nude model of the 1950’s.

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