Claire Dobson – A Kneeling Cherub! (Original)

A simple but effective shot of Claire Dobson by Leslie Bainbridge kneeling on some cushions nude. I have a mixture of shots featuring Claire from original prints to several contact sheets and in nearly all of them Claire is showing off her fabulous body and perfectly smooth pussy, apart from one small set. In that set of 6 prints, not only is Claire wearing some clothes, but she also sports a full hairy pussy too. She looks to be the same age, so I wonder if she was persuaded by Bainbridge to get rid of the hair at some point?

Another model to add to the Bainbridge/Wren collection 🙂

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  1. A nice image and all the better for the model being perfectly shaven. It looks as if it was taken in LB’s house in S.E. London . He made depilation conditional on engaging models and I doubt if you’ll find any /many examples of exceptions to this rule….

  2. Her face betrays a certain attitude, but I adore the ‘totally nude’ look created by the light nipples and fully depilated mons veneris. Perfectly shaven, yes, but with perhaps just a hint of 5 o’clock shadow down below?


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