Dawn Grayson – A Cheeky Little One! (Original)

Time for one of my favourite shots from a set of Dawn Grayson originals, where she is posing in front of a red curtained background. She looks stunning in this closer cropped shot with her typical wavy red hair, red lipstick, small perky boobs and a rather cheeky little look contrasting perfectly with the red background.

Unfortunately this is the 4th shot of 5 that I have from this set, and I’ve been unable to find or acquire any others. There must have been plenty more out there, as this is a Kodachrome slide numbered No.21, so I’ll keep looking.

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  1. There is a marvellous, and sexy, realism to her skin, nipples, veins and eyes, a real woman photographed with great naturalism and skill. Beautiful: the very opposite of pornography. Beautiful and erotic.

  2. This is a wonderful image!

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