A Peachy Perspective! (Original)

I couldn’t resist this view from a 35mm colour slide sent over by Kevin, so just had to restore and post it. No idea who the model is although it reminds me of Lee Southern, but what a fabulous arse it is! A nicely rounded and peachy bum that curves in at the hips to perfection, delicious in every way!

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  1. Very nice rear view. Shame we cant see around the front. You did a great job with restoring this.

  2. You have a couple of possible recognition points; the armlet bracelet, and she’s wearing what looks like an engagement ring on the third finger left hand.

    If that helps.

  3. Beautiful lighting, excellent restoration, lovely bum. What a perfect start to my day as I check in to The Kamera Club to wake me up.

  4. The hair is too dark, otherwise this could be my girlfriend from that period. Very tasty, shame you don’t have the frontal view but some lucky dog somewhere probably has!

  5. What a delightful view of the female derrière. Magnifique! If you weren’t an ass man before, you are now!


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