A Smoking Nylon Flash!

I found this shot whilst digging around in my collection and thought it worthy of a post, although not really falling into any of my normal categories or posts! A scan of a vintage print of a housewife lift her skirt and giving us a flash or her stockings and suspenders. A beautiful shot with a very 1960’s feel to it as she stands there skirt hitched up and smoking a cigarette ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. A bit higher please.lol

  2. Late 1950s I would say – but who cares? The ‘golden mile’ looks great!

  3. Of its time – a lovely tease shot.

  4. Is this the archetypal ‘playtex bra’ formation, where the boobs are pushed up, squeezed to a certain shape like two missiles ready to launch, and in slightly diverging directions? Basically; the presentation was not that of ‘one bust,’ but of two individual breasts.

    I still have memories of a certain busty teacher, from the late 70’s, with this look. At the time, this sight was not unusual, but with the passage of time, it looks increasingly distinct and quirky, even fetishistic.

  5. Worthy of a post? Of course she is! Strangely, sheโ€™s all the better for being fully clothed.

  6. Different and lovely, for all the reasons listed above. There was no sensation in the world quite like running your fingers up over the stockings under your girlfriend’s skirt and finding the soft smooth skin above the stocking. Bingo!

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