Ann Walker – Wide & Tall! (Original)

Ann Walker standing tall on the beach set by Harrison Marks. The first shot from members requests of a very open and tall Ann allowing us to see her fine figure and everything else. She’s also showing off a bit of stubble down below, so either growing it out  or needing a shave 🙂

I don’t have many shots of Ann like this left, but I suppose it’s also classed as an uncensored shot or were those requests for something more explicit 😉


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  1. A lovely shot. I love these sort of photos – we’re now able to see exactly what GHM saw through his lens – thank you so much!

  2. Fantastic, just what I asked for! Thanks very much for cheering us up.

  3. Excellent, thanks.

  4. Fabulous. I love the idea that this is what GHM saw through his lens (the lucky man), and the usual daft props. She is a lovely, lovely woman.

  5. Nice pose but spoiled for me by the stubble. Compare with perfectly shaven slit of Gill Evans in similar stance for GHM on the beach which appeared on KC site in March!

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