Caron & The Cherub! (Original)

Another superb shot by the master Harrison Marks, this time Caron Gardner in the studio. A fabulous view of Carons figure and perfectly smooth pussy as she poses next to what looks like a stone cherub statue, bird bath or water feature.

I’m sure I’ve seen this used in other shots by GHM, maybe Tina Graham?


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  1. I think the word is classic.

  2. Caron’s a bit busty for me (Tagged as small tits?) but I agree the pose is classic. Statuesque beside the statue! She certainly meets the Shaven and Slit Tags criterion though….

  3. Thanks again to Kamera Club; I’ve not seen Caron uncensored before. It’s a lovely view!

  4. Another perfect shot!!

  5. You’ve got to wonder what the cherub is doing with his left hand as he peers at Caron’s gorgeous bum, but perhaps the expression on his face tells us. Naughty, naughty.


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