Gill Evans – Reach For The Sky! (Original)

Another quirky shot of Gill Evans having a stretch down at the beach in 1966. Taken by Harrison Marks in the summer of 1966 on his two week trip with his models to Bedruthan in Cornwall. 

She actually looks like like she’s doing star jumps or some form or exercise on the beach. It sure give us a good view of her body and smooth pussy that’s for sure. It also reminds me to try and be a bit more active now and get some fresh air, rather than sit at my desk all day 🙂


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  1. If that’s what’s down on the beach, we’ll all get a bit more active Russ! I REALLY like to see a good looking girl naked at the seaside. Any more in this series?

  2. What an image! A lovely woman.

  3. Everything I like in a photo! Beautiful!

  4. So many of those H. Marks, B/W Cornwall shots are simply stunning. She is no exception. Great choice. Bit worried about the missing Tags though. How are Shaven Pussy/Depilated/Slit aficionados going to find her again quickly and easily with everything else on offer at KC?


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