Oh Doris! (Original)

Another shot of Doris Hurst from the same set as these shots. This and the other shots come from Girlymag and needed very little in the way of restoring to show her off. I just love Doris and those fabulous big round firm tits 🙂


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  1. A lovely, fine well-rounded woman. I wonder how old she was though? The styles of the late 50s made girls look older than they were. I doubt she was even 25 – not with those lovely firm breasts! On the other hand she looks 35 at least.

  2. Truly amazing large and beautifully rounded boobs… would so have loved to get my hands squeezing those beauties… but as said earlier- a very old fashioned hair style, but a cracking figure

  3. Wondered about her age myself.

  4. Some women retain firm breasts as they move into middle age, perhaps those women with elastic, thicker skin. Northern blondes, with thinner skin, tend to droop. One woman I know had firm (and not small) breasts, though not as big as Doris’s) in her late sixties, and they were natural.

    Doris is lovely, and the carefully applied make-up makes her appear even more provocatively naked. Sexy.

    There must also be differences in the way the root or base of the breast is attached to the breast-bone. Some appear to have broader bases and may be more rounded and so firmer. Some girls droop from a very early age.

    I hope that no one thinks that I have made a lifetime’s study of this.

  5. As a DOM, every time the Aptamil advert comes on TV, they say they’ve been carrying out breast milk research for 40 years… now that’s a job I’d consider.

    Sorry to lower the tone 😋


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