Marina Jones – Home Entertainment! (Original)

Marina Jones in the studio surrounded by records taken by Harrison Marks. A stunning rear view of Marina and her pert bottom and small perky tits surrounded by old vinyl records and gramophone. A colour version from this set also appeared in the 1966 Kamera Calendar here.

As we all enter a difficult period of isolation we are all looking at ways to entertain ourselves. Back then it was much simpler with either music via records or the radio. Play a game or read a book or the odd glamour related magazine. Today we have so much choice both digitally and the old fashioned way. Surely something for everyone? Hopefully this little site of mine will continue to entertain and titillate 😉 


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  1. Speaking as someone who is ‘confined to barracks’ for the duration… this wonderful site is a very welcome burst of sunshine in an otherwise crappy world! Thank you!

  2. Those legs seem to go on for ever!

  3. I wholly agree with Billboard. KC Is a welcome ray of sunshine! Some days the
    posts are simply stunning (some good recent examples) and some days they are just interesting. Some days they don’t do anything for me at all. But I always look forward to them even in normal times. These days, we need a bit of tasteful glamour more than ever!

  4. Superb photo!

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