Tamara or Laura – A different Cut! (Original)

A different view of the 1970’s US model Laura Count by Howard Roark from a set of contact sheets. I say different because it actually appears to be model Tamara Jade wearing a wig. I’ve posted several shots of Tamara here with her fabulous full hairy pussy. As Laura she seems to have a different look, not only with the wig, but her pussy. In this shot she is partially shaved down below allowing us to see her mound and slit. 

I’m not sure if all the photo’s were taken in one sitting and she shaved to pose as Laura, or they were different times. Either way I like different cuts of both Tamara and Laura 🙂


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  1. It is widely believed that Marilyn Chambers started the fashion for partial shaving in 1972 with her appearance in Behind the Green Door. If so, mthis model has picked up on the idea, or perhaps this is before?

    • Interesting and this shot is definitely 1970’s, but no idea when. So it could be after 1972, but a very different look for back then whoever started the trend.

  2. Of course there are plenty of photos of girls in nudist camps with fully shaved pubes well before 1972 and girls on this site show the same going back to the 1950s, probably to make the censor’s job easier given the puritanical British official mind. It has been said that Miss Chambers did it to allow a good view of masturbation/penetration for the uncut versions of her films whilst having enough hair showing to cover penetration in their softer versions, some of which saw general release.


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