Hardcore Couples & Lesbian Duo’s

Another different post, this time a shot of a couple enjoying some soapy fun. This comes from my vast collection of contact sheets, which cover a large range of photo’s not just glamour. I love this shot and the females figure covered in soap and her partner giving her a helping hand. I’m sure that’s another wig though?

Anyway a question for you? I have 1000’s of contact sheets featuring photo sets. These include models by Terry Sparks, Howard Roark, Leslie Bainbridge and other photographers which I post already. I also have multiple sets of hardcore couples and lesbian duo’s and more like the one above. Some are like this, some are more explicit, but anyone interested if I throw the odd one in as a post?

Oh and I prefer this way to wash my hands if I had a choice 🙂

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  1. Whatever you have.

  2. I’m not sure if this way of washing your hands was in the Gov’s latest health guidelines.

  3. Everything you “throw out” from the period you cover is of great interest, of whatever style or label. Perhaps it is my age but it all brings something like nostalgia to the bosom!

  4. I’ve voiced my almost lone opinion before on the core values of this site. The internet is awash with easily accessible hard core porn sites. But only one unique site like this.

    But I think I’m swimming against the tide.

    • No you have a valid point of view as always and in parts I agree. What I won’t do is bombard the site with porn, but keep it in line with my usual posts. So keeping it relevant and aligned with the eras I’m interested in and models and photographers I like.

  5. I agree that the USP of this site is the glamour/nude photography that was all that was allowed back in the day, all marshalled with Wonder’s impeccable taste, but a few more hardcore shots would do no harm, titillating my generation with the thought that these nicely arranged models were sexually active women who did in fact go further. There might be a separate gallery for them – but I thought there already was. I would certainly like to see more from time to time.

    Does anyone remember the sixties poster, SAVE WATER. SHOWER WITH A FRIEND?

    • All good points and yes there is a naughty section for the harder stuff. Maybe that is the way to go, keep it off the front screen and add it to the ‘naughty’ section for those that want to peruse at their leisure 😉


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