Margaret Nolan – A Slight Adjustment (Original)

Margaret Nolan adjusting a stocking from a scanned 10 by 8 print. Taken in the entrance/drawing room at Ewhurst Manor on one of the two benches in the room. Margaret looks fairly young in this shot and it may have been taken by Harrison Marks?

A great view of Margaret’s figure and what looks to be a hint of hair down below, but not much 😉

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  1. Another favourite of mine, and what a treat to see her as the photographer saw her.

  2. I am sure that I am repeating myself, but I bumped into her many years ago in a newsagent’s shop in Hampstead, where I went (hungover) to buy a paper. She was delivering a very funny monologue to her child, who was crawling around on the floor: she was tall and absolutely ravishing. I was too surprised and overcome to address her, though she caught my eye and knew that I knew who she was. There was a flicker of a smile. She knew all right.

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