Pinky Sands – Blonde Living Room Beauty (Original)

A stunning unknown blonde beauty posing for Harrison Marks in the living room. No idea who she is, although I have seen her several times and looks very similar to another blonde beauty.

Beautiful figure with long legs and small pert tits and the house and location were used on several occasions by GHM. Gerry Brown posed here for the glamour film ‘Jigsaw’ along with another unknown model 🙂

Update: Thanks to Tonal Range we have a name for this model. Pinky Sands who appeared in several Toco publications, Escort and Flirt as well as GHM Publications. Surely not her real name though?

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  1. Nice gure and love the legs and tits. Also the what now is Retro furniture is good

  2. She looks super familiar. Just need to place the face, unless somebody else makes the connection first.

  3. Lovely figure. Super small tits. Great legs. She is an ideal nude, but would also look stunning in stockings and suspenders….

  4. Hi John. Wheres the Forum now?

  5. Not sure. Anyone else know? Obviously would be nice to have one, but am sure these sites take a lot of time and trouble? I

  6. I’m not 100% certain, but I think that this model might be Pinky Sands, who appeared several times in Toco magazines, and in Parade.

  7. Now we have identified her, it isn’t coincidental that she has such an athletic look. She was described as being into riding, tennis, and into water skiing in particular to quite an advanced level.

    A great picture of her; it’s a shame she wasn’t a more prolific model. I have her appearances down as ranging from 1968 to 1975.

  8. A lovely body and a very elegant blonde nude which I like very much. If this is Pinky, where’s Perky?
    Well done Tonal!

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