Hilde Beck – Perfectly Presented! (Original)

Another perfectly presented shot of Hilde Beck (Hyldagarde) by Harrison Marks. Kneeling on a stool as she looks back at the camera we get a great view of her figure. Her nice rounded arse and big tits being offered up with her feet (dirty again!) nicely tucked under bum. delicious view 🙂

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  1. I always liked this model, and just uncovered the following…

    In Men Only, Dec 1965, photographed topless by Ed Alexander, Hilde was described as being born in Salzburg, Austria, and brought to Manchester when 18 months old, moving later to London. It describes her as doing a variety of jobs to fund classes in dance, drama and deportment, while trying to break into film. Her hobbies included bowling, where she was a member of a girl’s team, so she had a firm grip when handling balls.

    However, Swank magazine 3 months later in 1966, where she was topless and tastefully nude, describes her as being born in Dusseldorf, coming to London at 10, and at that point, 19 yrs old and still with an accent. It describes her as being one of London’s most successful strippers, then appearing at the Phoenix. Aiming to buy her own flat, she was stripping up to four times a day, possible in London because of the ‘many private clubs that opened up from noon.’

    Carnival in Sep 1966, describes her as being a Yorkshire lass (just exactly what was her accent?) and her stats as 38-24-37, and age 19. In Feb 66, carnival also referenced the ten pin bowling.

    Finally, Parade in July 1966, also describes the Austria to Yorkshire variant, and again confirms her west-end and modelling career.

    So, a busy 1966 for Hilde, and hopefully, there will be some pics around of her own bowling lane.

  2. I think its called; “The freedom of the press”.

    • If the press did their job as well as Hilde, they would be constantly working to self improve, they would be able to make their point without leaving any doubt in the reader’s mind, and still be fondly remembered over 50 years later.

      Some of these models set quite a professional standard! 😉

  3. Yes – indeedy!

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