Terry Peters – Rear Appeal! (Original)

A very appealing rear view of Terry Peters sat straddling a chair. From a set of 35mm black and white negatives taken in 1969, this is a superb rear view of Terry. Showing off her curves, nice rounded arse and a long stocking clad leg. Lucky chair to be straddled like that 😉

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  1. There are some stunning ones of Terry on the site and some where she looks very average. The stockings here are not right- too short – and she could take a lesson in this from Cindy Neal or Annette J….plus a few others!

  2. HIghly suggestive, lovely to look at, and very erotic. Lucky chair.

  3. I was just about to ask if this was the same Peters who appeared in the 007 Thunderball wearing a pair of mink mittens. Then just in time remembered that was the late Molly Peters.

    Got any photo’s of Molly?


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