Beautiful Figure, Beautiful Smile! (Original)

What a smile from this beauty and what a great figure. Now the annoying bit I have no idea who she is! This shot comes from a set of negatives I have and feature her in several poses on the bed and in the bath. All show off her fantastic smile and body to great effect. 

The images look to be early 1960’s and taken in the UK. I say that only because I have shots of Caron Gardiner, Virginia Green and others posing on the same bed. There is a name on the cover that the negatives came in of Tina McFarland, but I can find no reference to that name in any of my archives or online. 

She also has a bit of colour to her almost a Latin/Hispanic look, but no idea who? Anyone able to recognise her?

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  1. That big smile tells you that this is a girl who just loves being nude for men’s pleasure (and her own I dare say!) I bet the photographer was worn out after the session!

  2. I have pics of what I believe to be this model (if not her, then a dead ringer), under the name Tina McLaren.

    McFarland, McLaren, close enough to be a typo…. maybe that’s either a lead, or a confirmation of ID…?

    • Fabulous Tonal coming to the rescue again. Could you send me a couple of images please for reference? Still can’t find anything under McLaren, but another lead and very close 🙂


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