Sarah – Good Girl Gone Bad! (Original)

The fifth post of the Good Girls Gone Bad set, this time featuring a sweet young model known only as Sarah. What members see is the bad side of Sarah. Where she’s naked showing off her tanned body, puffy tits and hairy pussy for the camera. These shots come from a set of 35mm negatives taken at Jason Studio’s in the late 1960’s and show Sarah in various stages of undress. Just love this model and her smile and body 🙂

Thanks to Paul from Firebird for sending this succulent set over and he’s selling these and others over on eBay

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  1. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Is it me, or do I detect a slight look of Jane Warner about the eyes ?

    I hope you remember J. W.

  3. Jayne Warner was one of my top wet dreams of the 1980s. She appeared in so many men’s magazines of the time. Luscious long legs, dreamy face and gorgeous breasts. Rather like Sian Aden-Jones, the Welsh goddess of pulchritude. (Don’t just sit there – look it up!) Or Corinne Russell, fabulous!

  4. Is Jane Warner still modelling ? She was doing explicit posing in her home at quite an advanced age for a glamour model.


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