The Beautiful Erika Bergmann (Original)

A stunning shot of Erika Bergmann taken by Harrison Marks. Taken leaning against a vaulting horse in the same gym setting that Sissi Mississipi posed. I only have two shots of Erika from this set and all are of her posing in white jumper and shorts. She looks fabulous and one assumes that as it’s GHM the images progressed with her getting naked.

I have very few shots of Erika, but it seems that she posed for GHM on at least one occasion on several sets. These include the gym, the dungeon set and this set. A beautiful posed shot and love the freckles and those eyes 🙂

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  1. She has a late 1960s appearance – 66 onwards perhaps? A very different ‘look’ to the earlier Kamera models.

  2. A gorgeous Scandinavian look. Remember when we all had fantasies about the Swedish au pair?!
    As it is GHM there is a strong possibility that she posed nude too. That I would really like to see!


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