Backstage with Pat! (Original)

I posted a version of this shot several years back, but this is from the original negative. A good example of how GHM used light and shade to good effect, using Pat Davis as the model and some oil to enhance the reflections. A great view of her oiled body, those curves and smooth lines and pussy 🙂

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  1. Those aren’t breasts, they’re torpedoes! Very sexy shot.

  2. And, Pat Davis was married at the time, so some lucky bloke….

    I wonder if her husband knew????. Curiously, if you look closely at page two of the link list at two very similar shots (leaning forward hands on knees, in the top one there’s no sign of a wedding ring, but in the one below its quite obvious, were they taken at different times, or has the ring been “censored out” in one, but forgotten in the other.

    Pat didn’t have the most classical beautiful face, but by god didn’t she make up for in the body department.

  3. Actually, I think they’re the same shot, one is reversed in printing.

  4. Very nice. Plenty of focus on her tits (too big for me) but was she also a very tall girl? Reliably shaven, she has very nice long legs in other shots but I have not seen her in stockings and suspenders? A nice show of slit.

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