Sophia’s Mini Frills! (Original)

The stunning Sophia Dawn sat outside the cottage at Ewhurst on the bonnet of a Mini Cooper. So much to like about this shot the car, the location or even the model, even though she’s dressed! Saying that I love the dress and frilly petticoat and Sophia’s beehive hairstyle.

I believe the Mini was owned by the Cliffords, that rented out Ewhurst Manor to the various photographers of the time. The mini is in superb condition and the tax disc on it is dated April 1964. Only thing that could possibly make this shot better is if Sophia was naked 😉

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  1. A classic shot in every way.

  2. Lovely Bunpers lol

  3. Wonderful. Just my era. Blood running hot, girls with their hair up (elongating the line of a slender neck) full skirts with frilly petticoats a modest d̩colletage Рooh my dicky ticker!!

    I hope if GHM was the photographer he managed to persuade her out of some if not all of her clothes later?

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