Unknown Sea View! (Original)

A beautiful sea view of this unknown smiling beauty by Harrison Marks. This image along with several others was published in Kamera No.48 P12 (1962).

A perfect figure with nicely rounded hips, small perky tits and smooth pussy.  A beauty that would looking stunning on any beach with or with out seaweed ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Wow! Just the sort of photo I love! Thanks!

  2. Is this ‘Unknown’ #63?

  3. Very nice! My favourite kind of view too.
    She looks familiar so Iโ€™m surprised she is in the ranks of the Unknown. A very confident smile suggests this is not the first time she has posed nude.

  4. Agreed. Censored, sheโ€™ d still be nice. Uncensored like this, she is up there with the best of this year.

  5. Agreed indeed; an absolute stunner.

  6. Agreed. A lot of the appeal is when the model is confident about being naked, and you can’t get much more confident than this. Perfect.

  7. Also agree with you all, beautiful smile oozing confidence – very sexy looking girl

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