Annette Johnson – Fireplace Blonde!

The platinum blonde Annette Johnson posing by the fireplace. Taken by Harrison Marks on the Cinderella set, this is actually a pretty good shot of Annette showing off her slender figure. I much prefer her during this stage of her career with long blonde hair ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. A statuesque figure indeed. Does anyone remember Pubs? Now wouldnโ€™t she have made the perfect barmaid?
    Great body!

    • I think I remember pubs. Weren’t they the places you could go in and buy a cup of beer? In some of them (many years ago now), they even had topless barmaids. Whatever happened to that fine old British tradition?

  2. Yes and stretching up for a packet of Big D nuts lol

  3. And, sadly she put on a lot of weight and then started to use Fiesta amagazine to display it.

    What a great figure she once had. I don’t believe GHM photographed her enough.

  4. If she’s trying to look sexy I think she’s failed. She looks more sullen than sexy

  5. Sheโ€™s at her best elsewhere on the site in long black stockings and suspenders.


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