Valerie Jones – A Right Handful in The Bedroom!

Another revisit of a cheeky one of Valerie Jones kneeling on the bed by Harrison Marks. A shot of Valerie Jones from The Fabulous Valerie Jones published by Gold Star publications. This shot appeared on P3 and shows Valerie kneeling on the infamous bed with metal fame. A great view of her figure and cheeky little bum 🙂

Even better I found I also had the original medium format negative of this shot as well, so included for members to see in all it’s square glory 🙂

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  1. Once again, great work. It is a delight to see these photos as clear as this, reborn in a sense.

  2. This shows how much total quality suffered in the magazine printing process. A nice shot – and a knowing smile…

  3. ‘tonal’ not ‘total’!


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