Glorious Labelle!

One of my recent magazine purchases with Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose) on the cover of Labelle Color No.10. Published in the late 1960’s by Swedish publication house IFA – förlaget this magazine was dedicated to Gloria. It featured 16 images of Gloria posing in different lingerie sets all in colour and all uncensored and unretouched. As it was for European distribution you also get to see much more than normal of Gloria including her smooth pussy and prominent lips in all shots.

A rare find of Gloria who was very open in her attitude to posing for uncensored shots throughout her career. The images were obviously taken in the UK, but no idea by which photographer? Members also get to see a very good example of what Gloria was showing within the pages of this magazine 😉


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  1. She has a look that suggests to me that she really enjoyed posing for ‘raunchy’ photos! The old phrase: ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ comes to mind.

  2. That’s a wonderful – you know you want it guy’s – look, fabulous come and get it expression

  3. Small tits, shaven, stockings, slit, can’t ask for more. She and Wonder’s friend Dawn also seemed to go well together (see onsite pics).

  4. I thought Donna Ambrose was a fullsome dusky lady who found fame in the eighties?

  5. That’s not the Donna Ambrose I know! In fact the lady I do know (of) never used the alias Gloria Lomax. Furthermore, she was born in 1965 and retired in 2013 and couldn’t, therefore, have been working in the late 1960’s. Can anybody help sort this out?

    • Gloria Lomax who is on the cover of this magazine and modelled throughout the 1960’s also posed under the alias Donna Ambose, long before the 1980’s version. Donna Ambrose from the 80’s then changed her name to Danica Collins. So two different models who during their career used the same name.

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