Gambling Gals!

A quartet of beauties from a still from the Naked World of Harrison Marks. From left to right we have Audrey Judson (Kim Courtney), Unknown, some dodgy fella in a hat, Marie Claire and of course Dawn Grayson! A fabulous shot, but no idea what is going no! 🙂

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  1. Welcome back! So glad to see you are well.

  2. Great to see you ‘back in the saddle’. Take it easy though, stay well!

  3. Nathan Detroit and the members of The Kit Kat Club (for those old enough to remember the musical/movie “Guys and Dolls).

  4. I’ve to hear from you again, you must be feeling a bit better which is good news.
    What is going on? Well…..
    Is there such a thing as “strip roulette”?
    If not – there should be!

  5. Should have been “ Nice to hear..” of course! Damn predictive text.

  6. Welcome back. I hope that you’re feelong better.

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