Happy Christmas!

Well it’s that time of year again! Another year nearly done and what a year it has been overall and generally for me. Health issues and a continuing pandemic sure have tested me this year, but I survived. I’m now fit and healthy again and looking forward to Christmas with family and actually being able to eat and drink what I want.

A big thank you to everyone for the support over the last year, even on the low days the messages of support were always appreciated. The site still thrives and continues despite a few times wanting to give it all up, but that was just an outcome of my ongoing issues this year.

So I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year and hoping that 2022 is an improvement on this year, we can but hope!

As usual things on here will slow down over the Christmas period, but Kamera Club will return once more in 2022 for more vintage glamour goodies. I leave you with Dawn Grayson in the snow and this years Kamera Club Christmas Card. Now she’s a present I’d like under my tree 😉

A Different View of Dawn


A different view of Dawn Grayson from a restored 35mm colour slide. To say this slide was ropey would be an understatement, the colours were gone and it had scratches and marks galore! But I managed to work my magic and restore it back to what it should of looked like.

Dawn as always looks great from any angle and although you don’t see much it’s still a worthy shot to the collection 🙂

Dawn in December

Dawn Grayson on the December page of the 1965 Kamera Calendar by Harrison Marks. I posted this a few years back, but this finishes off the final page of the 1965 calendar I’ve been posting each month.

Dawn looks great in colour and is posing on the Cinderella set in her rags costume flashing one perky tit. What a cracking finish to the calendar and year 🙂

Let’s Talk!

I’ve added a chat option on the site so you can contact me directly when I’m around. Some mails seem to be going missing or my replies disappear into the ether, so this is just another option to contact me. Be it a question, sending me a file or you just want a chat, come say hi 🙂

Thought I’d use this wonderful shot of Dawn Grayson sat on a desk in sheer panties on the phone as a suitable image

Dawn Grayson – Enough to Drive You to Drink!

Dawn Grayson photographed by Harrison Marks on the Cinderella set in her rags! Dawn looks stunning even in rags and leaning over those barrels of Gin showing off her tits is enough to drive a man crazy.

Several shots of Dawn from this set appeared in Kamera No.57 through to No.59 where she appeared on the cover. I’m missing those editions, so not sure if this actual image appeared? but who cares as I have the original negative to blow up as big as I want. Maybe I need a life-sized version of Dawn 🙂