June Palmer – Black & Gold!

The fabulous June Palmer posing in the studio in the 1970’s. A great shot of her kneeling in black stockings and gold high heels showing off her figure and slightly tan line tits! 🙂

A Rocky Path For June! (Original)

On the rocks with June Palmer on holiday in the 1960’s. Taken by Arthur Howell we get a great view of June’s body and figure as she tiptoes down to the sea edge.

I’m also selling this original medium format negative over on eBay at the moment 🙂

A Misty Mountain View For June (Original)

One of those unique shots of June fully dressed and not professionally posing for the camera. Taken on holiday in the 1960’s, June giving us a great side profile view dressed in white top and trousers on a balcony. An elegant shot and one we rarely see of June, as we’re more used to seeing and wanting the glamour model June on view! I love both, but these shots show us a different side of June.

June Palmer – A Balanced Bikini View (Original)

This is the third shot I’ve posted of June posing on holiday in this white bikini and the second one of her by this pool. Sent through by John I never get board (get it!) of shots like these, even when June is dressed or semi dressed. I love the use of the rails and reflections of the pool in this shot and one assumes it was taken by Arthur Howell?


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June Palmer – Rooftop Rapier! (Original)

A different view of June in more than one way, from a rooftop and clothed! June on the roof of Strobe Studio dressed in red leotard and boots posing  in a fencing stance with a fencing/rapier sword. I’m not 100% sure, but think she had some fencing lessons during her time with Arthur Howell, as she’s also seen fencing in the video ‘Brides in the Bath’ Part 2 and obviously a prop from Arthur’s stuntman/acting days?