Dawn Grayson – Solis No.70

I stumbled across this little beauty!  Dawn Grayson & unknown model on the cover of a naturist magazine called Solis posing on the grass area out the front of Ewhurst Manor.
This is Solis No.70, published by Nordisk Bladcentral in 1964 and was a 32 page digest-sized magazine that claimed to be the “international sunbathing and nature living magazine” providing quality photos of nudes and nudists in outdoor settings, posed or at play.
During the 1950’s and 60’s by classing your magazine as a nudist or naturist magazine you seemed to be able to get away with a little more riskier content than normal, hence the large number of popular nudist magazines at the time!

Hazel Taylor & The Mandarin Background

Three centrefold shots of Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon) from different Men’s Magazines, but all with a common theme.  They were all taken at the same time with the same Harrison Marks Mandarin set.

As Ann Taylor for Carnival Magazine, February 1968 Stood In Front of The Large Mandarin Dragon

Again as Ann Taylor, This Time for Parade No.1483, May 11th 1968 and This Time Full Nude In Front of a Dragon Gong!

This Time as Anna Taylor with Her Hair Up, But Obviously The Same Set Again!