Angela Jones – A Flash of Shoulder & Stocking (1971)

A restored original print of Angela Jones in black dress, giving us a flash of stocking and her dress strap and bra falling off one shoulder! A classic teasing shot that was published in Spick & Span Extra No.40 (Autumn 1971) under the title ‘Wistful Thinking’, which showed Angela in a number of poses flashing her stockings.


Angela Will Make You Stop! (Original)

I thought I’d start this week the way I ended last week, with an Angela Jones shot! This is a slightly different shot than last week as it’s by Harrison Marks and is a common shot of Angela that has appeared many time on the internet. The difference with this shot is the quality of the scan and the fact it’s the uncensored version of Angela, in that we get a view of her smooth shaven bits in this shot, so still worth a view even if you’ve seen it before!


4 Girls As Nature Intended (Original)

A wonderful original shot taken by Douglas Webb of Jackie Salt, Bridget Leonard, Angela Jones and Pamela Green posing on the set of ‘Naked as Nature Intended’ filmed by Harrison Marks in 1961. This shot, which is one of two I have was taken at the Spielplatz Naturist Club in Bricket Wood, near Watford during the shooting of the NANI film. The scenes at the club can be seen featured towards the end of the film, where all four girls are seen in and around the Naturist club, along with other members. Pam was a member of there for several years before this was shot and there are some great posts of her at Speilplatz, along with other articles about the club over on her official site here.

I’m loving the strategically placed hands and towels to cover the girls modesty in this shot and the older lady in the background wearing the sash is Mrs. Dorothy Macaskie a club regular and wife of the founder of the club Charles Macaskie. The bottles of drinks on the table are Fanta and no wonder Pam never had any tan lines if she was a member of this club 🙂 Thanks to Yak for the additional information in the comments below!