Maxine’s Marvellous Mounds! – Kamera Special No.4 (1964)

Two shots of Maxine Ellis (Elaine Ecke) by Harrison Marks posing on the loft set for Kamera Special No.4 (1964). GHM used Maxine on this set with the long black negligee across a number of the Kamera publications, including the cover of Kamera No.28.

Maxine was one of those models, that although she had a big pair of tits on her they didn’t look out of proportion with the rest of her body, as she had a fuller curvy figure to match perfeclty on display in the top shot.


Terry’s Titan Tits! (Original)

The fabulous curvy figure and titan tits of Terry Maloney or Georgette Gautier, whichever name you wish to call her 🙂 Either way a cracking studio pose that shows off her body and those massive tits to good effect and thanks to Kevin for sending through.


Ann Austin’s Curves From Below!

Two restored prints of a nude Ann Austin posing above the camera, giving us a magnificent view of her curvaceous body, wonderful boobs and the not so wonderful wallpaper! I prefer the top shot as you get to see more of Ms Austin’s body and her curves, along with a hint of stubble where she obviously trimmed! It looks as though the wallpaper was actually a screen used for posing in front of, as you can see the proper wall and wallpaper behind it in the tops shot. Cracking stuff from Ann Austin though.


The Curve of Unknown Hips (Original)

Another unknown GHM model that again looks familiar, but then they all look familiar to me now, but I can’t place her? Posing in the window of Ewhurst or Walden this beautiful unknown model (No.41) is giving her small pert boob a squeeze, as she shows off her fantastic bush and the curves of her hips to good effect. Anyone know who she is, so we can put a name to the curve of those hips?